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Preparing to Sell your Property

Preparing to Sell your Property

Congratulations.  You have done the hard work of decluttering, the photos have been taken down and your house is on the market.

What else can you do now to quickly turn an accepted offer into a binding contract?

Tell your Solicitor

The sooner you tell your solicitor that you are selling, the sooner your solicitor can identify any possible issues, and prepare the contracts for sale.

Make sure your solicitor has your up to date information including:

  • Your current contact details including home address, mobile number and email address.
  • Your marital status. If you have married or entered into a civil partnership since buying the property your solicitor will need your marriage/partnership certificate. If you have divorced or separated, your solicitor will need a copy of your Court Order.
  • Your PPS number and tax type.

Find your deeds

These might be with your solicitor already or you might hold them yourself, but if they are held by your lender it can take valuable time to locate and obtain them.

Planning Legislation

If you have carried out any alterations to the property since buying it, give all of the details to your solicitor who will advise if it is necessary to obtain a Certificate from an Architect.

BER Certificate and Advisory Report

All homes marketed for sale require a BER Certificate issued in the last 10 years.

Managed Properties

If you are selling a managed property such as an apartment, the buyer will want to ensure that the title and accounts of the management company are in order.  Pull out all recent communications you have from the management company and give these to your solicitor so they will know what to expect.

Tax Matters

  • Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) and Household Charge

All proposed purchasers  will want to ensure that all property taxes are fully discharged and paid up to date.  You may need a Certificate of Exemption or Discharge from the Non Principal Private Residence or Household charge, even though they are now abolished.  Your solicitor will advise.

  • Local Property Tax

As well as paying LPT up to date, you will have to show the valuation submitted for LPT in 2013.  Send a printout of your LPT history to your solicitor who will be able to help you.

Want to know more?

The Law Society of Ireland have a helpful questionnaire available HERE which is useful to fill in and provide to your solicitor to give them an overall view of the property.

*Before acting or refraining from acting on anything in this guide, legal advice should be sought from a solicitor.